Our researcher Milan Ščasný will speak at the conference “Sustainability in an unstable world”

We cordially invite you to the international conference “Sustainability in an unstable world”, where our researcher Milan Ščasný will speak.

At the “Sustainability in an Unstable World” conference, which takes place on Wednesday 16.11. at Charles University, you will be able to listen to leading European experts in the field of science and public and political life. The main topics of the conference with the aim of connecting the worlds of science and politics will be, among others, biodiversity as the basis of sustainable development or the Green Deal for Europe. In this way, you will get to know the activities that take place at Charles University and partner universities within the 4EU+ alliance.

European experts will present and summarize current knowledge in the field of sustainable development and discuss what they can change together and how best to face the challenges in the coming years. One of the experts will be our researcher Milan Ščasný from the Charles University, who will speak together with Jeroen van den Bergh from the Vrije Universiteit and Karl W. Steininger from the University of Graz as part of lectures on the topic of the European Green Deal. The lecture blocks will be followed by discussions with politicians and representatives of public life.

Conference “Sustainability in an Unstable World”

Date: November 16, 2022
Time: from 10 o’clock
Location: Karolinum, Charles University

More information here.
The conference will be available to watch online.


Text: Milan Ščasný, Iva Zvěřinová

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