Behaviour and consumption

  • behavioural and experimental research on consumer behaviour
  • analysis of lifestyle factors and changes towards consumption with a lower environmental impact or using eco-design (so-called environmentally-significant behaviour)
  • analyses of consumption and demand for commodities with significant environmental impacts (energy, transport, food, drinking water, packaging and waste)
  • preferences for alternative and low-emission technologies (electric car, insulation), energy-saving behaviour in households, transport behaviour, food consumption and sustainable/healthier diets
  • analysis of consumer preferences and choice factors, including analysis of willingness to pay for products not yet on the market (‘niche’ market)

Team members

Mgr. Milan Ščasný, Ph.D.

Head of the Department of Environmental Economics and Sociology, Charles University Environment Centre, researcher


tel.: +420 220 199 477

Topics: consumer behaviour and household demand, determinants of environmentally-significant behaviour, non-market valuation with a special focus on health risks and health benefits, assessment of economic and environmental impacts of regulation, distributional aspects of environmental regulation, quantification of environmental damage and external costs

Publications: Orcid – Scopus – ResearcherId, other publications on ResearchGate and EconPapers

Teaching: Environmental Economics (Institute of Economic Studies, FSV CUNI, master program)

Mgr. Iva Zvěřinová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Iva Zvěřinová, Ph.D.

Researcher at SEEPIA and the Charles University Environment Centre

tel.: +420 220 199 479

Topics: public acceptability of climate change policies, environmentally significant behaviour (energy use in households, purchase and use of electric vehicles, and consumption of organic food), non-market valuation with focus on health benefits, health and environmental risk perception

Publications: Orcid – Scopus – ResearcherId, other publications on Researchgate
Teaching: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Environmental sociology

Prof. Anna Alberini PhD.

Prof. Anna Alberini, Ph.D.

Professor, College of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland


tel.: +420 301 405-1267

Topics: household energy demand, energy efficiency decisions and the consequences of such decisions, policies aimed at shaping household energy demand and fuel consumption, and management decisions

Publications: Scopus

JUDr. Vojtěch Máca, Ph.D.

Researcher at SEEPIA and the Charles University Environment Centre


tel.: +420 220 199 478

Topics: Environmental law and economics (quantification of externalities, economic instruments, non-market valuation methods)

Publications: Publications – own list |  Orcid – Scopus – ResearcherId

Prof. UW Mikolaj Czajkowski Dr. hab.

Associate Professor at the Department of Microeconomics, Faculty of Economic Sciences – University of Warsaw


tel.: (+48) 22 55 49 174

Topics: consumer preference modelling and non-market valuation methods

Publications: Scopus

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