Researcher Iva Zvěřinová will speak at the Year of Change 2023 conference

The SEEPIA team researcher Iva Zvěřinová from Charles University Environment Centre will speak at the panel discussion at the conference focused on the topic of Cost of Inaction in sustainability. Other experts will also take part in the discussion, such as Ladislav Miko (Advisor to the Minister of Environment and Advisor to the President of the Czech Republic), Tomáš Hruda (Government Commissioner for Economic Resilience and Modernization), Martin Breyl (ESG and Sustainability leader and Member of the Board of Directors in Erste Grantika Advisory) or Helena Zavázalová (Deputy Executive Director at Czech Insurance Association).

The conference will take place on November 9, 2023 from 14:00 in Spojka Karlín.

More information about the conference, including the program, can be found here.

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